Services & technology


Automation of the accounting entry

We offer 2 options for this service :

    • Creation of a file to integrate into your accounting system (using the xsl or csv formats)
    • Sending invoices and vouchers by e-mail (using the pdf format)

The first solution consists in sending you by e-mail or via FTP a structured file that you can integrate directly into your back office. We can send this file on a weekly or monthly basis. The file can be structured according to your requirements and your software settings. This option will allow you to substantially reduce your accounting entry costs.

Sending invoices by e-mail, the second solution, allows you to embed our bills directly into your system of electronic document management.
Just tell us the frequency and the type of report that you desire and the file format needed.

If you want your invoices by e-mail, you can choose between a file containing all the invoices issued during the day or a more detailed shipment containing one file per invoice.

We can also send you on a monthly basis a travel inventory of the employees of your Company in an Excel file (ranked by invoice number or by person).

The fiscal legislation allowing us to send you jointly your invoices of the month in a pdf file is scheduled for 2013. The costs savings (in paper and accounting entries) should be very important.



ORSUD has developed a billing and reporting system made to fit our customers’ needs.

We provide analytical and accounting fields in our invoices and statements so that you have additional means to control the travel costs of your employees.

You will have to input your personal references in the booking process (such as mission Number , allocation Number, analytical reference Number, service Number, accounting Reference, and booker’s name).

Our clients appreciate our ability to take into account their requirements and the technical flexibility of our billing system.

For more information, please contact us.

On line Reporting

Your private space

To access your private space, you must click on our homepage on the link “Your Private Space : Invoices-Statistics”. You will then be able to view your bills by clicking on their respective number and see if your payments have been considered and well charged. Invoices are updated daily on the Internet.

The “Invoices-Statistics” section gives you also an overview of your “traveling” statistics. This will help you gain a sharper bargaining edge with your suppliers. You can make extractions based on the traveler’s name or mission Number but also by destination, by airline alliance, by hotel chain and view your subscriptions cards.

Lastly, in the third section of “Invoices-Statistics” you can export in Excel format the details of your journeys and your accounting entries.

In order to constantly improve our services, we invest in the development of your statistics. Please feel free to send us your requests so that we can enhance these elements and provide you with the specific statistics that you may need.


Sustainable development


We are committed to the promotion of sustainable development not only in our agencies but also for our customers and our suppliers.

In our offices, we favor non printing bookings. Our unused brochures are given to recycling companies. We have reduced our use of paper mail by setting up the dematerialization of customer invoices and by promoting the use of accounting files with our partners and providers. We have also decided to favor the payment of suppliers by bank transfers and virtual bank cards.

Our agencies are equipped with low consumption lamps.

We are also investing in the development of tools to evaluate the carbon footprint of our clients.

We invite our customers to share our commitment for sustainable development and to adopt electronic tickets as well as dematerialized invoices, the sending of statements by e-mail, and the consultation of the statistics and the accounting documents via their privative space.

Virtual credit cards

We commit ourselves for you

Our agencies use virtual credit cards allowing us to commit ourselves on your behalf on the Internet.

These virtual credit cards have three levels of security: They are valid for a limited period of time and only for certain types of providers (Low Cost flights and Hotels), and they have a maximum amount that cannot be exceeded.

We never ask our customers to give their credit card number for a transaction guarantee on the Internet!

On line Booking Tool


Plan your trips and book online

RESAFAST, our online booking tool, allows you to check the availability of a trip, to book and manage your travel safely while respecting your company’s travel policies.

Become the master of your bookings by booking city to city tickets for planes, trains, hotels and rental cars from your desktop, laptop or mobile.
Your tickets will be issued by our agents, so you do not have to pay with your personal credit card. The travel agency costs are reduced. You will pay when you receive our statements, just as in our OFF LINE booking policy. Last but not least, if a problem arises you will get the same support than if you had booked through our agency.

Key benefits:

  • Direct access to airlines, railways, hotels and car rental
  • Access to negotiated rates for your company
  • 24/7 service
  • Integration of your travel policy (this includes the different categories of travelers)
  • Workflow validation
  • Alerts, notification of non-compliance with the travel policy
  • Possible integration of analytical charges and accounting (mission order, cost center, cost code etc.)
  • Management of subscription and personal discounts cards (your employees will benefit from all the possible discounts)


    • Analysis and information gathering on the the travel policy, the volume and the type of travel, and the contracts traded.
    • Adjustement and Setting of RESAFAST according to the travel policy, integration of traveler profiles, and functionality testing
    • Training travelers / assistants (at your premises or remotely via teleconference) and development of custom instructions for use
    • Adjustments and possible changes based on your feedback

24/7 service

Always on your side

It is possible to subscribe to a 24/7 service in order to change your bookings at any time of the day or night, even on the other side of the world. This service is offered with a fixed cost per call.
For more information, please contact us.