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Working Sessions

ORSUD Business organise vos séminaires professionnels

A Company seminar is an essential management tool for the good health of a company and its human resources. It usually lasts for several days and is located in a place outside the normal working environment. It can take place in a luxurious resort abroad.

The first function of a Company seminar is to gather all the employees in a specific working atmosphere to announce the profits of the company, fix new objectives or congratulate the participating employees in the proper functioning of the company. Its second function is to offer a playful atmosphere in order to motivate and reward the employees of the company who deserve it. The playful aspect is important.

ORSUD Events is specialized in the organization of Company seminars (lasting one day or more). Valérie is the person in charge of this department.


Meeting and Communication

Orsud Business organise vos congrès

A congress is a meeting of persons stemming from the same professional domain, who meet to exchange their ideas, communicate the result of their studies or discuss a given question.

It is completely different from a seminar because communication is essential. ORSUD has already organized various congresses of more than 3000 persons and can offer all the logistics required for such an event.


Motivation Journeys

ORSUD Business met en place vos incentives

Incentives allow persons or groups to motivate themselves, often by offering a reward in exchange for a given action.
It is common in sales forces (with distributors and with customers). Companies dealing with distribution networks are going to create tools intended to motivate their sales force to improve their profits.

ORSUD is proud to offer you its experience and know-how in the organization of such events.


Media Coverage and organization

ORSUD Business organise vos évènements professionnels

We follow the media coverage and the organization of all your events by acting as an event-marketing agency. You thus have a single contact person responsible for your event.
We communicate with the various media, make the promotion of the event and take in charge its logistics and its success.
This service can be used for the launching of a new product, the sponsoring of a team or another type of event.

Team Building

Group Activities

ORSUD Business organise vos séminaires de Team Building

The concept of team building originated in the beginning of the 80s. Its goal is to strengthen the cohesion of a team and to create a favorable work environment.

Numerous team values can be enhanced through the use of management games, training sessions, cultural, artistic, and creative activities. Team building also helps for stress management and the development of a team spirit.

We offer various services such as culinary, environmentally friendly, athletic Team buildings and more. ORSUD will guide you and help you find the best solution according to your needs.

Event Keys

The Keys of your Event

ORSUD Business organise vos évènements clés

Event Keys is a Web site which can be tailored to your needs and design. It is provided to your Company free of charge. Only the customization of the site to fit your design as well as the purchase of an IP address is at your expense. You can use this site for every event that you wish to promote.

The concept is very simple : we create a unique Web site for your event where all the participants can log in. On the Web site, you can easily access and manage your hotel reservations, the flight routings as well as the registration expenses. The participants can even book their flights if they wish.

ORSUD would be happy to present you this site which could replace numerous persons dedicated to its organization and thus make you realize substantial savings.

Move Up

How to motivate your staff, customers, and suppliers

ORSUD Business parraine MoveUp, plateforme sociale de motivation

Move Up is a Web site dedicated to motivation. Its concept is to set up a goal and give a reward according to the result by using games.

Often companies reward their employees by offering journeys or purchase vouchers. Why not take advantage of these presents to motivate and create a team spirit?

Move Up, unlike existing sites, MOTIVATES AND ACCOMPANIES you during all the duration of the challenge and generates a feeling of pride and achievement. Move Up sustains the interest during all the duration of the challenge for the person who is taking up the challenge, his or her relatives and close friends.

MoveUp-Business’ site:


Travel Organization

ORSUD Business organise vos voyages de groupes

ORSUD will provide you with its logistics and personnel for the organization of the travel of the children of the Staff of your Company or for a sports travel. For more information, please contact us.