Consulting & Expertise – Costs optimization

Analysis of your needs

What we can offer

In order to guarantee the best service for your business trips, an in-depth analysis of your needs and profile is required.
We will then be able to manage and monitor efficiently your contracts with the suppliers, your subscription cards or the use of our ON LINE booking tool.

Your Travel policy

Your instructions

Creation and implementation of your Travel requirements :

  • We are involved in all stages of the development process of your travel policy.
  • We will help you select the best solutions in accordance with your budget definition and help you find the appropriate travel class, hotel selection and car rentals for your employees during their trips.
  • Optimizing your budget is our main goal. We will periodically check the effectiveness of our implemented measures and readjust them if necessary.

Profit from our experience to define or re-evaluate your travel policy!

Corporate contracts

Cost savings to be made

We assist you in your negotiations with your various travel providers including airline, rail, car rental and hotel suppliers.

Use our web traffic statistics to study and finalize your expectations. We offer you our expertise to reduce your expenses. We know what the providers can offer and we will guide you to the best contract!

Subscription Cards

You can lose or gain from them

It is possible to make significant savings by using airlines or train subscription cards . Most often you gain when the number of trips per user is high. However, it can also be a source of financial loss if the number of trips is too low!
Our statistics service on our website will allow you to easily do this analysis by taking into account possible departures and contracts signed.

Cost optimisation

Bookings and Back office costs

The experience and know-how of our agents are the primary source of your savings. They are trained to find the best rates and the most convenient route. You will take advantage of our negotiated rates. Please feel free to benefit from our expertise, our agents are at your service!

ORSUD does not charge any booking fees or cancellation fees for all tickets cancelled during the same day of their issuance.

We can put at your service our self booking tool, RESAFAST (by KDS). With RESAFAST, you will be able to book your desired mode of transportation at your office, at your home, and at any hour of the day or night. RESAFAST will also make you benefit from substantial lower travel-agency costs than if using our OFF LINE booking service. Our agents will issue your tickets booked ON LINE so you will not have to pay ON LINE. Your bill will be included in your statement at the end of the month. Finally, RESAFAST has the added benefit of including your travel policy.

ORSUD Business offers customized invoices with Mission number and Imputation number. If required, we can specify a cost center number or an accounting reference.

ORSUD offers also a dematerialization solution. We can integrate our invoices directly into your back office. You will receive this file by e-mail or via FTP in a CSV or Excel format. This service allows you to significantly reduce your back office management costs.

You can chose to receive invoices and statements by e-mail. Choose your frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and the type of record that you wish. You will receive invoices by e-mail in pdf format, ready to be integrated into your EDM (Electronic Document Management system).

On our Web site you can view your bills and your statistics. You can also download the details of each journey made by your employees in Excel format.

If you subscribe to the AMEX Corporate Card or AIRPLUS card program, you will get a detailed reporting of your travel expenses for your Company while benefiting of a payment deadline.

We have implemented an e-Card service to book on line low cost flights and hotels. This enables us to access the best rates while avoiding the risk of misuse associated with traditional bank cards.

Finally, on a subscription basis, we can offer you a 24/7 service which will enable you to limit your travel expenses while you are on the move.

Good Practices

What to do

Anticipation and good time management are essential to reduce your travel costs. It is recommended to avoid last minute bookings and “bargain” proposals. Those kind of promotions are in most cases non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Does your work leave you little room for planning? Do your employees often change or cancel their trips? Ask our travel-agents and they will offer you the appropriate fare, highlight an option, and if required, delay the issuance of a ticket until its deadline.

For train tickets, consider cancelling your ticket before the train departure by calling us or this special SNCF phone number : 3635 (0.34 € per minute excluding any additional costs, just say “Annulation”).

In the same way, NO SHOWS involving hotels will cost you often the price of a night and sometimes the price of your total stay. It is just a call away to avoid these costs.

In case of a strike or of a cancellation by the provider, please keep with you your unused tickets and contact us to apply for a refund from the provider.