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Présentation du groupe Orsud

Our Company, our values, our commitments

ORSUD is a 30 year old family-owned travel agency that is run by its shareholders. Its license number is: IM13100128. ORSUD is structured as a S.A.S with a capital of € 300,000 and its financial guarantee is provided by B.P.P.C up to €319,640. ORSUD has 9 outlets including 2 that are dedicated to Corporate traveling located in Paris and in Marseille. Our company hires more than 30 full-time employees and its sales volume exceeds 30 million euros. We have joined the MANOR network of travel agencies which allows us to access the best negotiated travel rates. The heart of ORSUD’s business is Corporate traveling.

Our employees receive regular training and have an average experience of over 10 years in Corporate traveling. They are competent and can manage efficiently small and medium size companies travel-accounts as well as Major Corporate accounts up to 20-25 million euros.

We pay special attention to deliver the best service possible. Our team is stable and trust is reciprocal with our customers. Organized in pairs so that there is always an agent aware of your records, our travel-agents follow you, know you, and advise you for your travel.

We are committed to give you full satisfaction. Our friendly team is at your service and is knowledgeable!

ORSUD has invested substantially in technology to respond quickly and reliably to your queries. We rely on AMADEUS, a classic booking tools, but also on our self booking tool RESAFAST (by KDS) that we put at your disposal. We are also investing in solutions to allow you to make significant savings. We customize our invoices and statements according to your criteria and we are constantly improving our products to best respond to your expectations. Our mission is to reduce your booking costs but also to reduce your management costs.

We are at your side to analyze your needs and negotiate with suppliers and possibly establish a corporate-contract. We study with you your travel policy. We are also in charge of your subscription cards. We will alert you when they are not needed or when it is necessary to acquire them in order to maximize your cost savings. We will give you notice of any possible “No Show” which could have been avoided.

We are involved in environmental and sustainable development and offer paperless accounting documents (invoices, summaries etc.) via e-mail. We can send you a Csv or Excel file that you can integrate directly into your accounting software .

In your private space on our website, you will be able to edit your bills but also to check your stats ON LINE and even import in Excel format the details of the journey of each of your employees.

We are equipped with virtual credit cards that cannot be stolen. This enables us to book hotels and low cost travel-rates and commit ourselves on behalf of your Company.

Our goal is to reduce your expenses, to make sure that your passengers are safe, and to provide you the best service respectful of sustainable development.

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